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She is the little sister of the classic size scrunchie. We created this filigree hairpiece with Gina for Gina's coaching work and sports, but it can help anyone who would pamper her hair with natural beauty and protective ingredients.


The hair bands are made of mulberry silk with great care. Each color is a gift of nature, unique and unrepeatable, so the shades may differ slightly from one to another and are made in limited quantities.

I mail them with a double-sided gift card so that it can become a real caring ritual for ourselves and others.

Colored with plant dyes and mineral pigments.


Mulberry silk helps maintain hair elasticity and shine. It replenishes lost moisture into the hair structure and prevents of fragmentation.

It can be worn in the hair, or around the wrist as a delicate addition to our attire.

Natural dyed mulberry silk scrunchie MINI

  • Hand wash without detergent in cold or lukewarm water.

    Iron on silk grade.

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