Mulberry silk eye mask colored with plants. With a replacable inner pillow filled with herbs.

The soft, natural silk lets your skin breathe freely and nourished, the organic, skin-friendly colors are made from madder root, tagetes, goldenrod, black bean extract.

The wonder of plant dyed silk lies in its unique unrepeatability, so the actual color may differ slightly from the shade seen in the photos.

  • Adjustable elastic strap to fit on head while sleep
  • It completely excludes light, as well as blue lights, helping to achieve deep sleep, harmonize our circadian rhythms, therefore perfect for physical and mental regeneration
  • A hypoallergenic product, proven to work for sleep disorders, headaches and effectively reduces stress
  • A magical help for home use and for travelling
  • Organic, assorted herbal filling: lavender, rose petal, lemonbalm, mugworth, chamomile, spearmint, sage

Aromatherapy eye mask

  • You can keep the beauty and softness of the silk cover with hand washing for a long time.

    Hand wash without detergent in cold or lukewarm water.

    Iron on silk grade.