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Mulberry silk eye mask, colored with plants, for undisturbed deep sleep, refreshing daytime relaxation or meditation. With replaceable inner pillow filled with herbs.


The soft, natural silk allows the skin to breathe freely, while the silk proteins help keep the skin hydrated and soft, and also soothe sensitive, allergic skin types.

The organic, skin-friendly colors are made from madder root, marigold, cochineal, black bean extract, privet berry, and logwood.


The wonder of plant dyed silk lies in its unique unrepeatability, therefore the actual color and patterns may differ slightly from the shade and form shown in the photos.


  • Tightness can easily be regulated with an adjustable elastic strap so the mask fits exactly on the head, thus it can also be used during sleep.
  • It completely excludes light and blue light, thereby helping to achieve deep sleep, harmonizing our circadian rhythm, and perfect for physical and mental regeneration.
  • A hypoallergenic product.
  • An effective help when traveling.
  • Organic, hand-selected herbal filling: lavender, rose petals, lemonbalm, white mugworth, chamomile, spearmint.

I ship the eye mask with a double-sided information card so that taking care of yourself and others can become a real ritual.

Aromatherapy silk eye mask

  • With a little care, you can preserve the beauty and softness of the silk cover for a long time. Clean it without detergent, or use an eco-friendly wool/silk detergent. Handwash in lukewarm water, or gentle machine wash. Iron on silk setting.